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Exclamation The Alfa GT that keeps giving

So The last time i posted i was having some bad issues and the car pretty much had given up on me. It took me about 1,000,000 yen to get it back on the road.(About 10,000 USD) But the car is still having issues. first ill explain all the work that the fiat/alfa dealership did.

first time visit to the dealership.
Clutch replaced(first time)
Timing belt replaced
Water pump replaced
Radiator line leak
transmission flush
oil change
fuel injectors cleaned

The 2nd visit once the car broke down 4 weeks after the initial repairs due to a "Low oil pressure" and would not start again got it towed to them.
Engine Overhaul(They tricked us into this one confused my wife and i dont speak japanese.)
Replaced Oil tank(There was a crack in it or something)
Replaced crankshaft sensor
Replaced Camshaft Sensor
Replaced cylinder #1 spark plug and ignition coil
Oil change
Parts of Clutch again(Lucky it was still covered from last time i replaced it 3 months before)
A coil in the transmission?(not sure why they did that but they didn't charge me for it)

So it was only 1 day after the new repairs done after the car pretty much would not start again and low and behold it was leaking selespeed oil and the clutch broke again this time was majorly there fault they fixed it for free. (They put the wrong throw out bearing into the clutch) And there was a very pungent Gas smell in the car during a rainy day driving home. Towed it back a week later and they found after 3 more months of being in the shop the throw out bearing and fuel pump were both broken. the fuel pump i couldn't fight the clutch i definitely fought. They also broke my splash guard first denying it and then later stating maybe they did it because of "Emergency repairs" i let it go but of course not happy so i'll have to get that fixed on my own time.

So now my current problems that happened after the 6 months that the car was in their shop and care 1 week after i got the car back and it was running like it was running before they did all that work.(Engine had a slight vibration and stutter in it which seems to be working itself out slowly these days) And then the real kicker "Selespeed system failure" the car would not change any gears and was stuck in first gear. Wife contacted them again and they told me to check the codes with my obd. Of course no codes due to not having the specialty codes. The selespeed error still comes 2 months after their fixes but only in the first gear and completely random times.(it can happen 5 times in one day for a 30 minute ride home or it can not happen for like 2 weeks under all weather conditions) The selespeed error only comes in with the 1st gear it will never come in if the gear is 2 or higher or in reverse only gear one. This problem makes absolutely no sense and i still have no ideas on a fix for it. Another few strange things that have been going on are the airbag fault light randomly came in and is stuck on. the heater on the drivers side seat randomly turns on without pressing the button and the ac(this has only happened once) kept switching to High when i adjusted temperature and kept switching back to high until i turned it off and back on.

With these most recent problems i feel they all may be related and something is either wrong with the ECU another sensor or I have shorts all over my electrical system that are now comming up because the splash guard is broken and engine exposed from under the car. If anyone has any ideas or clues to what this could be I would greatly appreciate the help. I have spent way to much money into this car now to be having so many issues.

On another note if anyone knows somewhere else i can take my alfa I would like to know I really do not trust the dealership i have been going to as every time i bring it to them something else magically breaks, they take to long to actually do the repairs, and when i asked them how much transmission work experience do you have they said none. I'm in a nasty pickle and no shop wants to touch alfa romeos out here at all I want a REAL alfa mechanic or a really good service manual that i myself can use to fix everything. I have scoured the net and the only thing i have found was that Alfa Elearn which was not much help. Also i need to find a right side fender and front side bumper for a dark great alfa gt 2007. I messed it up pretty good by pinching it between a wall when pulling out of a parking garage. Thanks again for reading my post haha hope you enjoyed the read on this king of problems car.
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firstly, sorry for your sounds like you have had a right old time of it...!

re the dash lights and electrical gremlins there are two things you can do straight away if you have not done it..

1) change the battery for a new one of this has not already been done, these cars can do all sorts of strange things with a poor/old battery so that would be my first port of call ,especially as the electrical faults appear to be unrelated to each other.

2) earthing , starting with the earth strap to the gearbox and work your way from there..

regarding the stutter, as it is a JTS with a sele you will have to be more specific about the nature of the stutter, as it could be with this car either ignition, transmission, selespeed related or even a worn exhaust cam causing a misfire and rough running. the JTS engine has some issues because of the direct injection, however an 07 should be better than the earlier cars , my old JTS needed a new exhaust cam at 38k , so mileage is no indicator with this particular issue, frequency of servicing and type of oil used being the biggest single factor, and of course they should NEVER be run low on oil.

re the selespeed issues I don't have a clue but there will be someone along to help as there are a few guys on here who are expert on them..

I would advise also getting a code reader and posting the codes that come up and also tell us the mileage as there are things that tend to happen at specific mileages on these cars , so it will help us to get to a solution more quickly.

I suggest an elm 327 and torque app pro as its cheap, quick and accurate with the codes.

good luck and post back with some codes!



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Well done for your perseverance with this gt. I would have walked away along time ago.
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There used to be an Alfa Spider club in Toyko but their website seems to have disappeared. Maybe you could contact another car club in Japan and ask if they have any recommendations? e.g. Tokyo Car Club - Other Services

EDIT: maybe these people can help

I saw a couple of GTs when I was in Japan three years ago.

Good Luck

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Thanks for your responses sorry ive been busy with the birth of my new baby. so as for the battery i havnt changed it yet ive thought about it before as the unlovk and trunk oppening feature on my key have been very weak even after changing out the battery in the key. also ive seen alot of issues in the past with these issues and i agree to many electrical issues all at the same time does point tword the battery or faulty alternator if not both. another guess is fuses could be burning out as it seems they are all the original fuses. last and worst thing it could be is shorts from water that now splashes up into the engine due to the guard being removed. i think replacement of the battery is the most hopeful and probably time to do it anyhow.

so the big question is what battery should i get specs and all to have the best performance. ive been doing reading and people have many ideas. i want to hear what do you guys think i should get and why. much appreciated this car is almost back on its feet then i can get the body fixed from the small couple dings i have one on right side forward fender panel, front bumper and rear in front of the front tire. obviously that work is going to happen next year as i need to save money again before i hammer out cosmetics.
as for the stutter its not as bad as before the engine overhaul but its still there its felt only in idle at random times. my guess is a faulty spark plug or ignition coil causeing a misfire in im guessing is cylinder 3 seeing as that is where my obd detected the misfire before even though alfa said it was number 1 or 2.

another question i have is there a way to make the engine more quiet? i was thinking replace my cam belt and ac belt and possibly the radiator fan. i know i need to replace the engine cover also due to a broken screw hole in the plastic cover which allows the engine to shake the plastic cover.
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I ordered the bosch silver x slx6c it was reccomended by autobacs and reading alot of other posts and reviews that one is the best for my money. i almost got the varta agm battery but cost wise not sure the extra 50 cca was worth it. i got the bosch for 144 off amazon varta was 250
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So i replaced the batter and to no avail seems nothing was fixed by it so the battery wasnt the issue. It probably needed a new one anyhow so i dont really care and it only cost me 150 usd so not to bad. I guess the next thing to really focus on is the Selespeed issue seeing as that is the big issue at the moment. Does anyone have any information on how to replace the selespeed pump and a one line diagram of the system and estimated area of the system within the car? i want to check the piping lines of it for any rust or leaks. If i dont find any leaks i want to monitor the pump operation while the car is running to see if the pump is staying on. Seeing as the problem is only caused in the first gear though i'm wondering if it still could possibly be the clutch such as something was not set right. Any assistance would be nice
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