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Old 05-07-07
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147 TS 1.6 Lusso

Wave 147 wiring help? (canbus?)

hi everyone!

i'm new to alfa ownership... have switched from a pug 205 gti 1.6 to an alfa 147 ts 1.6 lusso.

it's a lovely car which i really enjoyed the 5 hour drive home in...

however, it has been involved in a small incident whereby the heater fan motor decided to set itself on fire. the fire looks to have been fairly well contained, but it took out a bit of the carpet (can be replaced easily enough) and in the process the electrical wiring in the passenger footwell has been obliterated!

the car starts, runs and drives fine, but has a few electronic 'qwirks' due to the damage to the wiring and it's causing the warning lights to appear on the dash (lights always on, windows/audio not working, etc).

whilst i'm no car electrician i fancy a go at attempting to repair this myself before taking it to a garage. so i was wondering if anybody has any electrical wiring diagrams for what i believe is the "canbus" serial wiring system, that might be of assistance to me in my efforts to repair the wiring?

is this canbus bit actually a hardwired part of the loom itself, or is it a seperate sub-loom just for the components such as heater/audio/windows that can be plugged in and out?

and finally, does anybody have any suggestions where i could try looking to buy a replacement heater fan? obviously having seen what happens when one decides to go out in style i'd rather buy new than second hand, but before i pay dealer prices i thought it might be worth seeing if there are any other recommended distributors?

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Old 05-07-07
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Re: 147 wiring help? (canbus?)

canbus is fairly straight forward. Two wires for comms and two wires for power. I'm not familiar with the Alfa version but can't be too different? The main controller for the cabin is under the rear passenger seat. I think provided there is no electronic damage you should be able to do most repairs. Your problem will be sourcing connectors and crimp pins, the dealers would just replace an entire loom so you may find these hard to get. Good Luck!
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Old 06-07-07
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147 TS 1.6 Lusso

Re: 147 wiring help? (canbus?)

thanks for the advice rhett. i would like to keep replacing the entire loom to a last resort, as i wouldn't like to take on such a big task myself so if it came to that i would have to face a big garage bill! so in the mean time i'm going to assume i will be able to source connectors etc to replace the damaged section.

i've had a closer look at the wiring damage now and if CANBUS is just 2 wires for data and 2 for power then i think i have identified the break in those, but i also have a much bigger problems too

i realise this is a pretty big request, but would anybody with a 147 be able to look at the wiring behind the glovebox in the passenger footwell and take pictures of it for me please? i have noted down what wires appear to be damaged and their locations. i cannot tell where most of these damaged wires should connect to (presumably, mostly each other) so if possible would somebody with a bit of free time be able to try and locate the colours of the wires i have mentioned and take pictures of, or describe where they should join up to?

anyway here are the wires i can see, sorry if they don't make much sense but i thought writing them down might even just help myself to organise a bit better:

1) from enginebay through small rubber socket in firewall:

9 total
2 x twisted pairs (colour unknown) - possibly to CANBUS down left hand side of passenger seat (section 2)?
1 x thick (colour unknown), to (and through) small burnt plastic block, on to extended right of footwell section
6 x thin (colour unknown but might have been blue?)

2) left of passenger footwell:

3 total
1 x thick black earth to ?
2 x twisted pairs black possibly to CANBUS in (section 1)?

3) right of passenger footwell (left of centre console):

18 total
1 x black into 2 x thick blacks (possibly earths) to?
1 x black into ? (possibly above?)
1 x blue/black to?
1 x blue/yellow to?
1 x blue/grey to?
2 x medium thickness red/green (1 into extended right footwell (section 5), 1 into burnt clump (section 4)).
1 x medium thickness blue/yellow to burnt clump (section 4)
1 x blue/white into extended right footwell (section 5)
1 x blue/pink into extended right footwell (section 5)
1 x white into extended right footwell (section 5)
1 x yellow/grey into extended right footwell (section 5)
1 x blue/green to burnt clump (section 4)
1 x purple/black to burnt clump (section 4)
1 x pink/white to burnt clump (section 4)
1 x pink/black to burnt clump (section 4)
1 x brown/black to burnt clump (section 4)
1 x brown/yellow burnt clump (section 4)

4) burnt clump:

8 total
1 x medium thickness red/green to?
1 x medium thickness blue/yellow to?
1 x blue/green to?
1 x purple/black to?
1 x pink/white to?
1 x pink/black to?
1 x brown/black to?
1 x brown/yellow to?

5) extended right footwell (left of centre console but further out than section 3):

? total unidentifiable
1 x thick red/black to? from?
1 x blue/white to?
1 x blue/pink to?
1 x white to?
1 x yellow/grey to?

i believe some of those would have linked to what i think would be the heater motor as this is missing from mine so i cannot even hazard a guess. is anybody able to tell from the colours where the "burnt clump" might have gone to? and what the "small burnt plastic block" may have been at one time?
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Old 08-07-07
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147 TS 1.6 Lusso

Re: 147 wiring help? (canbus?)

bump for the weekend, just in case anybody knows!
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147 , canbus , wiring

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