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Fiddling with rear calipers

I'm getting a horrible squeeky noise coming from one of my rear wheels when turning left that I think we've narrowed the cause down to the rear brake pads being glazed.

I've got hold of a caliper wind back tool so i'm planning to change the brake pads and give the caliper a good cleaning with WD40 or something similar to stop the new pads glazing.

I've read the workshop manual and it doesn't look to hard to change the pads but the manual states that when refitting the caliper I need to put a brand new screw/bolt in it. Does anyone know if this is the case? If so, does anyone know what size/type of bolt is required. All the manual has to offer is the Alfa part number which isn't much help to me.

Any help apreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Fiddling with rear calipers

Try giving EB Spares a ring and ask them.

Most problems on 145/146 rear disks comes from them not being used most of the time. The fronts do about 90% of the braking, and if you are a light braker, the backs hardly ever do anything.

Get some proper brake cleaner too.
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Re: Fiddling with rear calipers

I wouldn't recommend using WD40 to clean the caliper, use a propriety break parts cleaner.
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Re: Fiddling with rear calipers

There is a load proporting valve (LPV) situated on the rear axle. Have a look at this while you are under the car. Mine was seized as the rubber boot protecting it had slipped. I replaced the LPV, but you should ensure that the lever moves and that the spring hasn't worn through the clip on the anti-roll bar or the top of the lever.

But Rick is correct in saying that about these cars, this LPV can be the cause...
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Re: Fiddling with rear calipers

changed my rear discs and pads the other weekend. Can't see why you'd need any new bolts? Do they mean the guide pin / caliper moving half mounting bolts? If so I wouldn't worry about it - just put a dab of threadlock on 'em when they go back in. Mine's still got the same bolts in from when i serviced the calipers (They were seizing when i bought the car) 25,000 miles ago......

DEFINTELY do not use WD40 to clean it!!! You're risking getting a lubricant/contaminant on your braking surfaces and then you'll wind up with shot rear brakes again! Like the other guys say - get a can of brake cleaner (or meths is fine if you can't get any of that).

Make sure the guide pins are moving freely, copper grease all the relevant bits, check the flippin' awkward handbrake cable to make sure it hasn't got water leaking into it making it seize up (i think everybody's had the frozen handbrake thing?) and yes, it's pretty easy to do. The hardest bit was winding the pistons back but that's cos i was a cheapskate and didn't buy a wind - back tool.......
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Re: Fiddling with rear calipers

In my experience, the sliding pins get a bit rusty and sticky. You can take them out and lightly emery them so they slide more smoothly but in the end I never quite got them sorted to my satisfaction and had to bite the bullet and buy the pukka caliper repair kit.

This was quite dear at 14 (in the 155 kit you get 4 new sliding pins, 4 rubber boots and a tube of grease) but I have to say the new pins made a huge difference, even though my cleaned up old ones seemed to be not much less sticky.

Another thing to try is to take the pads out and check how tight they are in the caliper. The '55 has then slide into slots in the calipers and if the pads are old (as they never wear out) the backing plate rusts on the edges, expands and then jams in the caliper, so it doesn't move very much.

Take the pads out and file the ends of the backing plate so that it is a loose fit in the caliper slots. All that sorted my calipers out a treat, so hopefully yours will be sorted too.

Ralf S.

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Re: Fiddling with rear calipers

s'a good point about the caliper kit. I may have to get a repair kit for my front calipers (assuming I can?). They don't seem to want to slide freely at all, no matter how much TLC i administer......I wonder if the pins warp with age / heat?

Just done them again so i'll see how they go. If it's not good then i'll stump up for a repair kit. Anyone know if it's available / how much?

Not sure about the 155, but the 145 has got sealed rear sliders and they don't seem to cause much bother. The pads are buggers for sticking in the caliper though!

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