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Buying A High Milage 145 TS

Hi there.

I looking to buy about a 96 245 2.0 but have only got enough budget (and only seen for sale in my area) a few high milage cars. Over about 90,000 miles.

I was wondering if anyones got any experiance or advice on how well they cope with high milage.

Ive read the other topics on here about buying 145 / 146.

Thanks for any advice.
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Hi Samuri!!
Welcome to AO!!

The Twin Spark engine is pretty strong, but to be safe needs a cambelt change every 36,000 miles. (The handbook may say 72,000). Check when this was last done. Also, cost of eight spark plugs can be frightening, and are meant to be done every 60,000.
Check all electrics work OK, check exhaust is in reasonable nick. Check for bumps and clonks as suspension bushes get a hammering, especially on 2.0 models, but are relatively cheap to replace. See if there are any independant specialists in your area as they tend to be cheaper and more knowledgable than main dealer. The Owners Club is helpful for finding stuff like this.
Last of all, expect plenty of rattles, a weird driving position, and lots and lots of fun!!

Happy Shopping
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A good specialist in the Oxford area is Palmer & Phillips on Pony Road Ind Estate, Cowley. They have been great with my car and gave me some advice before buying.

I brought a 99 145 Cloverleaf last year with 66,000 miles (high for the year) and apart from minor niggles (moslty electrical) she has been great.

The main things to look for are covered above. Make sure all the lectrics work, that she idles smoothly and that the airbag light is not on (seems to be an issue with Alfa's!). Als make sure that you get the master key as well as the normal keys. Can cost a fortune if you have not got it.

Good luck with your search!

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Watch out for the variator, makes it sound like a diesel. Check the service history, twinsparks need to be kept topped up with oil.

Knocking on the front end or drifting under heavy braking means the wishbones are shot.

Make sure it reaches temperature fairly quickly, new thermostats run at about 40+fitting.

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My 155 was high mileage when I bought her. I did all the usual checks, you should be able to get a feeling for any car by doing this thoroughly regardless of mileage. The garage who sold it also had it's complete history (it was a fleet contract car) from the previous owners too.

A higher mileage car, provided those miles have been clocked up on open roads, should be a better buy than a low mileage city runner.

If in doubt walk away, there WILL BE another car to look at.

Don't forget the master key...
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Hi everyone.

Thanks for all the good advice. Going to be looking at a few over the long weekend, so keeping it all in mind.

Also I'd just like to say how impressed I am at all the helpful and friendly people on this forum. Makes a nice change from some places!!

Many thanks again.
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Hi Samurai,
we have all Alfa hearts and will help any Alfist or people who want to become one.
About the expensive sparkplugs: they last for 60.000 miles ( compare that with other cars !) so in fact it is the cheapest maintenance on that item. Variators are the weak point, so are the front wishbone bushes. Squeaks and rattles you get for free ! it's called character .. laughing
p.s. CAMBELT is THE point of attention !
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What is the variator, what does it do?

Also how much is it to replace, or how easy is it to replace myself?
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The variator changes the cam timing throughout the rev range for better performance. When it gets worn out it results in a noisy car at idle. I assume the reason is that the cam settings are at the high-rev end, so it's not running optimally at low revs. It's not too expensive a part in itself, about 50 I think, but to replace it involved all the same work as a cam-belt change, so the job is v. expensive. Because of this, it's best done as part of the cam-belt change, that wa all the work is being done anyway, so it's just an extra 50. If you get a car which it's claimed the belt change has been done, ask whether the variator was changed too.

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Dood, I joined the Alfisti in December with my first Alfa too & she was a high mileage 2.0TS as well. I've never owned a car that I've enjoyed quite so much!

I've not personally had any problems with mine so far (touch wood!) but each car is different. She runs just as well as other lower mileage Cloverleafs I've driven & everyone I've spoken to has said the TS is as 'ard as nails and lasts forever with the correct servicing. Just take heed of what everyone else has said on this thread on you'll be laughing all the way home after you buy one!!

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